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Jeekeshen Chinnappen, born from the Republic of Mauritius is an Entrepreneur, Author, Business Coach, NLP Practitioner, Philanthropist, Keynote Speaker and the CEO of CNPN Group. 

Jeekeshen had the opportunity to study from various prestigious universities such as Harvard, University of South Australia, University of London, University of Florida and other institutions. The studies of Financial Engineering, Applied Finance and Law has equipped Jeekeshen with the right skills to venture in various sectors for his companies. Founders of several startups across the globe, Jeekeshen has helped transform several fortune 500 to become leaner, more efficient and productive. 

Author of "A World in Another Dimension" and "Psychic Gang" published by the Giant Amazon Corporation, Jeekeshen is writing his third book to help shape and guide new entrepreneurs. Jeekeshen has been present on several renown platforms to speak on several topics from the mindset of entrepreneurs, the future of businesses, positive mindset etc..


For a car to move we need friction, for electricity to travel a circuit we need resistance, and henceforth for individuals to move forward, we need roadblocks.

Jeekeshen Chinnappen, CEO

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